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    The web pages collectively presented here, "DaveSpace", is the exclusively copyrighted work of David Thomas. Unauthorised duplication, distribution, modification or publication, in part or in whole, of these pages is expressly forbidden. If you want to reproduce them elsewhere, then ask me first. I won't normally object.

    The items of software available from these pages are covered by their own distribution statements. Check them first before even thinking about redistributing them.



    These pages were created by sweat and toil, using Zap and whatever browsers I've had to hand at the time. Browse was poked with sticks when its occasionally bizarre rendering became an issue. Fresco demo went like a rocket and then blew up, like a rocket. Once Netscape had eventually loaded and configured, I was too tired to continue. Internet Explorer blew up before I could load it.



    Title graphics and stick persons were created in Draw - the well known ArtWorks-beater. Sticks were rendered at high magnification using Art2Spr, then ChangeFSI'd down into a 16M colour sprite, which was then trimmed in Paint and sent through InterGif.


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