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    Coming at you like a razor. This is the home page of David Thomas, popular scouse get and part-time home page maintainer.

    Mainly they're here so David can distribute some of the free software he's written. He likes giving away his software for smeg all because a) it's fun and b) no one can shout at him when it all goes terribly wrong.


    Dave is a student - if that's not painfully obvious already - now arsing up the final year of his Computer Studies degree at Liverpool John Moores University. He spends far too much time writing software; it affects his university work, which is silly.

    Last year, David did a year-long industrial placement at the department of Clinical Engineering at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Where he had "fun", programming using satan's own Visual Basic on an aging 486 portable. He could even get up occasionally and have a nice cup of tea.


    David is pretty desparate for content for this page, since it reflects on his life. He's had a mildly interesting life thus far, but appears to have forgotten most of it.

    Dave enjoys the use of his ears and perceiving real-world events via his eyes. Don't ever ask him the time, though, because this will often derail his train of thought and confuse him.

    He spends an obscene amount of time on the IRC channel #acorn. He calls himself Spanners for nefarious reasons. Don't expect anything but abuse or odd comments from him though - he's off his trolley.

    He also collects web sites, UNIX accounts, cardboard boxes and novels by Terry Pratchett.

Oh Alright Then

    That's him. He hopes you like his pages. He also hopes he hasn't left you horribly confused, broken and battered by writing this page in the third person.


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