Software for RISC OS


    This is the primary distribution site for software from David Thomas (myself) and Gordon Rogers. The software that was previously available from here by Jonathan Brady may now be found at the Sliced Software Website, which also contains other releases from myself.

    All of the program archives available from these pages are supplied in the compressed Zip archive format. You can decompress these archives by using SparkFS, SparkPlug or the Info-Zip version of the zip archiver.

    The majority of the software available here can be used completely free of charge by individuals for private use. However, certain items may be Shareware and will require payment for non-trial use. Please check the status of any software you download.

    If you wish to redistribute items of software from these pages in any commercial capacity, you must first contact the respective author to ensure they are willing to allow their software to be used.


Software by David Thomas


Software by Gordon Rogers


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