ArmTCP Internet Suite

0.17a (23 Oct 1999)

  • Dial scripts for Telinco (in UK) has been added.

  • Sets RTS/DTR high after hangup/aborts, so that the modem can send back RINGs etc which are used by other apps.

  • Small offset problem in log window display, under rectangular pixel screen mode has been corrected.

  • When log level was set to Info or Detailed, modem Init string didn't get sent all the time. This is now fixed. You may also find that connection is established a little faster now.

  • GetLocalIP script command used to incoprate the trailing dot to the IP address, if the input had one, e.g. if the input was something like "Your IP Address:", the IP address obtained would have been "". This is now fixed, and would be "".

  • Sets Inet$SMTPServer to the SMTP server address, and Inet$NewsServer to The NNTP news server address of the currently dialled account. These can be used with POPStar and NewsHound to fetch news and send mail via whichever ISP is dialled into at that time. NewsHound seems to refetch all your news when you switch servers, need to check with author.

  • Modem Init string extended from 30 to 60 characters.

0.16b (10 Dec 1998)

  • A quick patch to accept user names of up to 39 characters, as opposed to the 30 in previous versions, as some users of FreeServe are struggling to enter their user names.

0.16a (20 Nov 1998)

  • The filename mapping routines for internet apps have been modified to be more memory efficient, doesn't use up memory proportional to the AppsInfo file size, hence more entries can be added without runtime memory size going up.

  • Due to the above change, the order of AppsInfo file is changed, ie the first entry will be used if there are multiple entries for the same app/file. Because of this, the user addition section is first, followed by the style section, and the default section last.

  • A bug with quick setup, where when you selected a modem, the modem dial string was set the same as the modem init string, has been fixed.

  • Another bug fix, where the wrong line number was reported as part of error messages in script files, after move to a label.

  • The error "System variable 'ArmTCPv$LoadSetup' not found at line...' got reported during disconnection in some cases, which is fixed. This wasn't a major bug, some weird response from Acorn PPP module caused this.

  • The status window is reduced in size, to hide the 'Mail in' & 'Mail out' as these are not implemented yet. The LAN, Mail and News icons in the Choices app are also shaded for now.

  • Some modems send back the CONNECT message in a nonstandard form, where the Tx and Rx speeds are shown separately, as shown below. This caused ArmTCP to display blank in the speedometer of status window. This is now fixed, so that if the word 'receive' is present on the line, then the number following it is displayed as connected speed. The Receive speed is used as on 56K modems, only the receive speed is above 33.6K, and the transmit speed is 33.6K.

    CARRIER Transmit: 28800 Receive: 28800 V.34

  • Dial scripts for 3 Dutch ISPs, and the new ISP 'FreeSERVE' in UK have been added, thanks to users who sent in the details.

  • Some minor changes, such as addition of some more AppsInfo entries, and change of ArmTCP website URL.

0.15a and below

    The changes for these versions have been removed for reasons of size. If you would like to see these, email me at


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